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Welcome to Circle of Vigour. My name is Jason. I’m a level 3 PT and level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach. My goal is to get you fitter, stronger, powerful, athletic, faster and healthier calling upon 1000’s of hours of coaching experience. With a military background, combat sports experience, ultramarathon running history, I am able to deliver comprehensive training programmes to effectively develop your fitness. I currently work with general population and sports teams/athletes to help them effectively reach their goals/training demands. 

Online Coaching

Your coach 24/7. All coaching delivered via an app detailing all workouts, programmes and video demonstrations. Keep in touch with me through direct messaging to answer any queries you may have. 

One to One Coaching

Working with you from our private facility to develop your fitness and health though structured programming and delivering detailed instruction on exercise technique from fundamentals through to advanced techniques and mixed modal training.   

Sunrise Lifting Club

Join us for our Sunrise Lifting Club where you will train with like minded people who are looking to conquer the barbell and much more. 

You will learn the fundamentals through to advanced lifts such as olympic lifts, conditioning, barbell cycling, periodisations and much more. 

The goal is to make you proficient and independent in your fitness journey giving you all the tools you require to own any gym space and make serious progress. 

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